SALT is a membership based financing ecosystem. Those who own blockchain assets can take out a loan, of any size, without selling their collateral. Our Secured Automated Lending Technology is a protocol and asset agnostic architecture. If you have collateral you wish to retain, you can now borrow in an asset you prefer to spend, regardless of credit history or geographic constraints. SALT is automated, cost-effective, transparent and cryptographically secure. This allows our Members to plan tax events, and maintain their long position in a chosen blockchain asset.

SALT's globally available asset-backed financing solution empowers liquidity providers to manage the risk of lending to a rapidly expanding, underserved and immediately addressable borrower base.

SALT’s Values


SALT puts security and privacy first. We are invested in the protocols and practices that safeguard our member's assets.


SALT represents a paradigm shift in the recognition of the value of blockchain assets.


SALT prioritizes legal and regulatory compliance.


At SALT we earn your trust by acting with the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

Premium Service

SALT delivers an exceptional experience for both liquidity providers and blockchain asset holders.